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jinan baike machinery co.,ltd
jinan baike machinery co.,ltd
Brand name
Main products corn snack machine ,pet food machine,fried snackmachine,macaronimachine,3D pellet machine
Annual sales USD 2,000,000.00
Date of establishment 2012-08-10
Number of employees 100 Persons
Number of R&D staff 20 Persons
Number of quality inspectors 10 Persons
Area of factory 3000 ㎡
Brief Introduction

Jinan BAIKE machinery co., LTD is located in the capital of shandong province, the beautiful quancheng—jinan. It is one specialized is engaged in the twin-screw and single screw food expanding machinery enterprises, company with research and development, production, sales of all kinds of machinery and complete sets of equipment for the main business, my company brings together industry expert team work for ten years, not only in the best extrusion technology research, more efforts to continuously explore in terms of food technology, so that the customer production to the market leading food. With high quality machines and perfect technical service and good reputation won the trust and support from a large number of buyers at home and abroad.

Products include: expanding machine, puffed leisure food machinery, double screw expansion line, sandwich meters fruit line, pet food production line equipment, dog food, dog food, dog food extrusion machine, floating fish feed extrusion machine, fish feed, fish and shrimp aquatic feed production line equipment, pet food, equipment, breakfast cereal corn flakes production line, prepaste modified starch equipment, double screw extrusion machine, single screw extruder, fortified rice production line, production line for bread crumbs, bugles machinery, nutrition, rice flour, modified starch production line equipment, potato chips, French fries, pet equipment, aquatic feed dog bite plastic equipment, Marine fish feed production line protein, soybean protein equipment, wire drawing equipment, Fried noodles, Fried snack food machine equipment, the twin-screw extruder and other food equipment, and can also according to customer's specific requirements to provide customers a full range of project solution, is the customer's investment more secure.

At present, the company equipment exported to Europe, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Iran, Italy, France, the Netherlands, UK, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, belarus, America: Canada, the United States, Chile, suriname, Brazil; Africa: Brazil, Malawi, mozambique, Nigeria and Congo (cloth), lesotho, Asia: Burma, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, uzbekistan, north Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, tajikistan and other countries.
For the common development, we will constantly update technology, improve the quality of the equipment, perfect technical service, to meet the higher needs of customers. We hope in the near future to cooperate with more puffed food production enterprises, to jointly develop more new products, obtain greater economic benefits. Adhere to the "to the quality strives for the development, strives for the survival by the sales" is the consistent policy of MT company, is also the foundation of long-term cooperation with customers. For numerous customers and influential large food enterprises to select the tripod, and partnership with the tripod embellish.
Brief Introduction
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